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M6 Safety has provided the very best in online Driver Safety Training.

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A properly developed safety management system must be a part of daily operations. You want a program that is tailored to your specific operation providing you full compliance at all times.

NSC Compliant Health & Safety Manual
NSC Compliant Health & Safety
Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manuals

Third Party Auditors are independent auditors certified by Alberta Transportation to conduct New Carrier Compliance Reviews, Assessments of Compliance, Verification audits and National Safety Code (NSC) audits to the standards set out by Alberta Transportation.

New Carrier Compliance Reviews (NCCR)

National Safety Code (NSC) Audits

Verification Audits


Assessment of Compliance (ARC) Audits

If you have received a letter from Alberta Transportation stating you are going to be audited you need to give us a call.

We have the answers!!

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Carriers who operate in multiple jurisdictions throughout Canada and the United States can save money as well as time by prorating their vehicles. Prorating will stop the need to purchase trip and fuel permits.

We can complete and submit the following:

Fleet Renewal
Add or delete vehicle from fleet
Transfer vehicle
Amend vehicle information
Change fleet details
Replace license plate
Replace cab card

IFTA is a mutual agreement between Canadian and American jurisdictions that allows a uniform collection and distribution of fuel taxes paid by motor carriers traveling in multiple jurisdictions.

IFTA in not a mandatory, but a voluntary membership that allows the carrier to significantly reduce the paperwork and compliance workload for fuel tax reporting.

Once registered, a carrier must file returns to the Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) on a quarterly basis and report all fuel purchased, and kilometers traveled for all the IFTA registered vehicles.

Carriers must renew annually to receive new decals for their Vehicles.

Filing applications, renewals
and reporting
Fuel Tax Calculation &
Vehicle IFTA Decals

A proper and solid Drug & Alcohol policies and procedures must be in place by the carrier, especially cross border carriers.


Drug and Alcohol programs are not just limited to drivers anymore. There are many safety sensitive positions that require drug and alcohol testing.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Random testing pools

Post Accident testing

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All commercial drivers whether Provincial, Canadian Federal or cross border drivers are required to have National Safety Code (NSC) training. This includes:

Hours of Service

Safety Laws (Weights and Dimensions)

North American Cargo Securement

Trip Inspection / Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

It is strongly suggested that you audit at minimum every driver at least once per calendar year. When done correctly, they will help determine you Fatigue Violation Rate (FVR). This allows you to identify areas that need attention and allows you the time to correct them before they lead to Out of Services, tickets or violations that all add up to lost revenue.


Provincial carriers must have a record of duty status for every day they are on the job only.


Federal carriers must have a record of duty status for every day of the year.


Remember, that running the 160 KM radius exemption that you still have requirements to fulfill daily, such as start and end times, off duty times, and breaks to name a few.

Certifying Partners include:

1. Alberta Motor Transportation Association (AMTA)

2. Energy Safety Canada (ESC)

3. Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

4. Alberta Association for Safety Partners (AASP)

M6 Safety has auditors in place for all the above certifying partners. We also set up COR manuals and Safety Management Systems (SMS) for carriers specified to their needs and operation without sacrificing safety.


Call us today for more information.

Safety is not Expensive. It is Priceless.

Do it Right! Do it Safe!

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