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Alberta's Leading Team of Safety Professionals

Korey Marshman is an experienced and well known Safety Professional serving the Transportation Industry throughout Alberta providing NSC, FMCSA, OHS safety and compliance using the industries best practices. 

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We work with insurance companies to lower you insurance rates through properly developed safety programs


Training Center

M6 Safety offers a huge variety of online training courses focusing on National Safety Code (NSC) compliance training . M6 Safety offers bundled courses for NSC compliance training including a Commercial Driver Training bundle and TDG and WHMIS bundles.

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Provincial Carrier Training Center

Tailored for Carriers that do not leave the province of Alberta.


Provincially regulated carriers are not legally allowed to leave the province of Alberta. Even under a permit you would still be in violation of your Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC). It is very simple, you are either a Provincial or Federal carrier.

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Canadian Federal Carrier Training Center

Federal carriers operate outside their home province, they travel to other provinces, territories and the United States. Commercial vehicles they operate that is registered for more than 4500 KG is regulated federally. ​


If you leave your home province then you must be federally regulated. You cannot be a provincially regulated carrier and leave your home province on a permit as that puts you in violation of your Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC).