Slip Resistant Cleats


XPRO® MID GRIP® Slip Resistant Cleats is the ideal winter traction solution designed to fit all work boot including footwear with extra-deep treads, high bends and an aggressive heel like the lumberjack boots. One size fits all and can be easily rotated to the top when not in use. Prevents skids and falls at workplaces. 


The XPRO® MID GRIP® Slip Resistant Cleats is specifically designed to an international and inherently safe standards. They are ideal for use in forestry, power and utilities, oil and gas, the pipeline industry and other deep freeze worksites.


Durable Industrial quality.
One size fits all with adjustable strap.
The Tungsten Carbide studs firmly grasp the ground and provide ultimate traction.
Lightweight and Compact. Can be worn while driving.
Rotatable for versatile work environments.
Durable and Effective ice-penetrating studs.
Designed to fit a variety of industrial footwear.


Available in 3.5mm studs

XPRO MID GRIP Cleats Slip Resistant Cleats

SKU: XPRO MID GRIP Slip Resistant Cleats
  • Available in 3.5mm, 7.5mm & 9.5mm studs with orders over 10