XPRO® Impactpro 2
Impact Protection

Alif Impactpro 5TNL Goatskin Impact resistant Driver style Gloves.

Premium Goatskin leather has high strength and abrasion-resistant and referred to as natural strongest leather, this driver styles goatskin leather glove with back of hand and fingers feature extremely impact protection level 2 that's comfortably flexible and supremely durable, Sewn with Kevlar threade to provide maximum strength.


This Glove also available in cuts (A5-A9)
Leather Available: Goatskin, Cowhide, Cowhide Split Leather 

Lining Available: Kevlar® aramid fabric, Para-Aramid, Fleece, Thinsulate.

XPRO Impact Resistant Driver Gloves

SKU: Impactpro 5TNL