M6 Safety

Transportation Safety Professional

Korey Marshman is a transportation safety professional with 20 years experience in the Transportation Industry. Starting in the mid 1990's servicing, greasing, and washing tank trailers in High River.  I then progressed into piloting wide loads and getting my class 1 drivers license in 1997.  Over time I advanced into the office and started learning the operations management and safety side for trucking.   

In 2011, I added logistics to my portfolio working within large organization selling freight to other carriers.  This soon started to feel repetitious and I craved more.  I then moved on into the heavy haul industry becoming a project manager for loads upwards of 975,000 lbs; 24'w x 28'h x 280'l throughout Canada and the USA.  I worked with different styles of jeeps, wheelers,  RNG's, hammock or double necks with up to 74' in the well. I have trailer operator experience steering and operating the hammock / Double neck trailers.  I also have experience with hydraulic trailers up to 2 file, 32 line as well as millennium style dual lane trailers.  I remained in the project management industry till 2016 and then started to focus on the health, safety, and compliance focused directly at transportation.  

M6 Safety offers extensive background and hands on knowledge to various styles of transportation. We also offer well rounded and factual based knowledge meeting all your compliance needs with today's best industry practices in place.  

Korey Marshman is a proud Alberta Transportation certified New Carrier Compliance Reviewer (NCCR).

In addition we offer safety compliance for Provincial, Federal and US Federal cross border carriers offering; 

- New Carrier Complaince Reviews 

- National Safety Code (NSC) compliance -

- Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) integration -

- Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit preparation -

- NSC audit preparation -

- Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) - 

- Safety compliance consulting services -   


M6 Safety offers services for starting at gap analysis of current safety program to creating and implementing tailor safety program that suit your needs while remaining compliant without breaking the bank!