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  • Can a "Provincial" regulated carrier, which is on your Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC),travel outside the province of Alberta?"
    NO! “Provincial” Operating Status authorizes operation solely within Alberta of commercial vehicles registered in Alberta for a weight of 11,794 kilograms or more. No permit is available authorizing a “Provincial” carrier to leave Alberta at any time. An Alberta carrier leaving the province with any vehicle registered over 4,500 kilograms for any reason requires a “Federal” Operating Status.
  • What NSC training is a carrier obligated to provide their drivers in order to be NSC compliant?
    Hours of Service (Provincial or Federal) Trip Inspections Safety Laws (Weights & Dimensions) Cargo Securement
  • I am a Provincial carrier, do i require an ELD?"
    No, a provincially regulated carrier does not have to have an ELD.
  • Do we have to enroll in IFTA?
    No, membership is voluntary. It allows the carrier that travels to multiple jurisdiction's to report quarterly rather than purchasing fuel permits.
  • Does the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) completion of training qualify the driver for the mandatory NSC driver training?
    Yes, completion of the MELT program is considered sufficient to fulfill the driver training requirements for Hours of Service, Cargo Securement, Safety Laws (Weights & Dimensions) and Trip Inspections. The documents must state completion of MELT.
  • Do I need to run a logbook when using the 160 Km radius?
    Drivers are not required to maintain a daily log where ALL of the following conditions are met: • You do not go beyond 160km radius of the home terminal • Driver records still has to record start and end time for days worked. • Driver returns to home terminal daily • Driver is released from work within 15 hours from the start of the work shift • The company will maintain and retain the time for 6 months showing the time that the driver commences the work shift showing the start and end times

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